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Apple watch?!

App works great on iphone, but truly needs an apple watch app as well


If i could give this zero stars i would

Decent but no DUO

DUO has taken 2-factor to the next level including Apple Watch support. If your apps support DUO, use that instead.

No support from google for last 2 years

Are your iOS development team taking 2 year vacation? This app is last updated 2 years ago and there has been no support for Touch ID , Face ID etc. iOS development team @ google - wake up if you are sleeping. Winter is over and it’s time to do some work for that paycheck.

Unnecessary Battery Hog

I found this to be unnecessary as a 2fa method. A lot of times I log in on my computer, so the added step of having to reach for my phone is less ideal than using SMS which allows the codes to be sent to my computer. I also think this app put some severe strain on my battery. I don’t have proof, but I was watching my battery drop quickly with it installed. I have uninstalled it and maintain a much steadier percentage. If I was without access to SMS I would consider using this, but for now I just don’t have need for it.

New Phone - Scan Barcode??

Read these reviews after spending too much time trying to use app on new phone for the first time. What barcode am I supposed to scan? Frustrated is not the word I would use ...

Tokens do not transfer

That’s a pretty big thing to overlook for such a massive company. If you have used this app to allow you access to other apps you will need unlink this Google Authenticator from the app BEFORE switching to a new phone to avoid losing access to it FOREVER (happened to me on Snapchat) as the token is stored locally on your phone and not on the cloud. Completely unacceptable. Use Authy instead


Baixei para tentar resolver o absurdo de não poder entrar na minha conta (usando o mesmo computador, o mesmo e-mail de recuperação ) e nada, outro lixo feito pelo Google

To the morons buying new phones and losing their backups....

You all are bloody dense as hell, what is wrong with you people? can’t spend one minute researching the basic security on 2fa? Clearly not, good job google on a great product, I’m sorry the world is unfortunately retarded.

Does not delete its data

If you delete this app the normal procedure is to also delete the apps associated data. In the case of the Google Authenticator the data is still there. If you reinstall the app all of your 2FA tokens reappear. So much for security!

Does what it does

(Updating previous review.) reinstalled, and it now produces correct codes. Hmmm... still a serious flaw — no way to backup codes or copy them to another device unless you plan ahead to do that. I suppose there might be a way to get the code you need from the original issuer.

Apple Watch Support

Please add support for this app to include the Apple Watch.

Simply doesn’t work.

I was forced to use this by multiple video game companies to sign in, and both times I was forced to contact support to bypass the authentication.

Doesn’t work

I typed in the authentication code and my app says its invalid. POS...

More Google junk

Over *two* years old and counting without being updated, replaced, or anything else logical and professional. Typical trademark Google behavior with its "products" -- and typical for TCook/Apple to allow it. Embarrassing for a company as large as Google, that *could* deliver peerless products. But never will. And in the post-Steve-Jobs era, weve all noticed Apple following the same ℗ schizophrenic path. How sad.

Would be great to launch it from web browsers

When I’m logging into Google from Chrome it would be great to tap something to launch this app instead of having to got to my home screen, find the right folder, find Authenticator, etc.

Just use Authy

Authy has Touch/Face ID support, a watch app, cross-device synchronization, and a better and more updated UI. So use that instead. People who work at Google do.

Almost perfect, but flawed.

I use this for all of my 2 factor apps. While every app/ account recommends this app, this app makes it difficult if the device is reset, replaced, or the app is deleted. Since this is a Google apps I’d love to see it be at least tied into a google account so restoring lost authentications can be less of a hassle.


unless you want to get screwed over after you switch to a new device and realize all your data is lost

Update ASAP!!

I had to sign in again after getting new phone & I can’t get past ‘Get Started’ screen! Last update 2y ago!? Ridiculous!

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