Google Authenticator App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

Suddenly, the codes don’t work. It gives me a number but when I enter it, it says, “Wrong code” every time. Useless.

Not a Unique App

Installing this app overwrites the MS app. Was this intentional?

Big problem transferring to new iPhone iOS11.x

New iPhoneX unlocked. Backed up my older phone on iTunes and then started the process of restoring the data to the new phone. Google Authenticator. The app refused to install. Warning error [ Unable To Install “Google Authenticator GA” . The app is no longer available in the App Store”. This is actually not true, the app is still available in the App Store. - Ran the latest iOS11.2.2 on the iPhoneX. I wiped the iPhoneX to a factory reset - Ran all app updates on the iPhone6S for all apps. - Ran the latest iOS11.2.2 on the iPhone6S - Did a backup on iTunes twice for iPhone6S - Then did a restore on the iPhoneX . Same problem not able to use “GA”after all that. If I delete “GA” on my iPhoneX and reinstall from the cloud on new phone it opens, but lost all my 2FA sites. This is awful. This is essential for my work security and personal banking. Feature request. Please allow groups so I can sort out 2FA sites by personal , work, banking. Using GA so often that the list becomes too long

Needs update for X

iPhone X!!!

Doesn’t work!!

This app is garbage. Codes don’t work even though they are entered within the time. There is no settings option as some people have suggested to check out. So frustrating!! Please fix this app!

At your on risk

Since you can’t back it up, your codes if you loose them will be ether lost or very hard to recover, can’t believe google forgot to add back up function

Touch ID

Please add Touch ID and the ability to backup/transfer codes to a new device ...


locked me out of my stocks when I got a new phone. And won’t sync with my new phone. I wouldn’t download this app is over ratted and not worth it 100% stay away they don’t help you get your stuff back either they kinda sit back and laugh T you thanks a lot google. Wouldnt download this app again if I had a trillion dollar invest somewhere

Shouldn’t a security app have the latest security?

Wake up google. Implement Touch ID and Face ID as well as as making this app iPhone X supported. I am off to Microsoft Authenticator for now...they update all the time and had iPhone X support on day 1. But I prefer to use google’s suite of apps...I am just losing TRUST.

Terrible UI Caused Me To Delete All My Accounts

The UI for this app is so poor that multiple numerical codes were being generated for each account I had associated with it. I tried deleting all of the codes and assumed new codes would re-generate when I used a service with Google Authenticator again, but instead I have to manually verify my identity for each account now. It’s pathetic that Google has so many resources and builds such an atrocious app compared to Authy. If at all possible use Authy instead of this.

Apple Watch support

I wish you’d add Apple Watch support.

You have a serious bug

I use iPhone se . when the token changes screen doesnt refresh . It still shows old token . I have close and open the app again to let it show the new token

Please update for iPhone X

No notch support, no Face ID support

No recovery options, use Authy

It works and served me well for a long time, but I recently upgraded my phone which meant I had to go through every website that I was using this with and disable and then re-enable two factor authentication to register the new Authenticator app. This is akin to having to change every password for every site managed by a password manager when changing phones. It’s an awful experience and wastes so much time. Unlike other Authenticator apps, this one is not protected by TouchID or FaceID and does not give you the ability to recover serial numbers for migration purposes. Luckily for one site I had used Authy instead, I opened up the Authy app and it asked me if I wanted to add the new device to my Authy account, I tapped yes, tapped allow on my old phone and everything transferred perfectly. Every app/site that was using Google Authenticator is now using Authy and I couldn’t be happier.

Lost all my code

I can’t sell my bitcoin because it didn’t save the code I thought it would save on google

Works but no frills

I normally don’t write reviews but since I use this app a lot for MFA it is not useful for multiple AWS accounts because you can’t change the name of an entry after scanning the barcode... you are stuck with the name the barcode gives you and if that account is AWS then it’s extra difficult. When you have several AWS entries where the only distinguishing thing is a 10-14 digit number that is not visible on the web login screen... once you set up multiple accounts you’re kinda stuck trying all of the TOTP numbers until one works because the names are not distinguishable and not editable upon creation. A simple edit to the account name is all I ask for. If that gets added I’ll change my rating. For now, it causes me enough extra frustration that I’m spending valuable time writing this.

Needs immediately touch ID support

Agree with other user that this app should be as secure as possible to prevent hacking.

Good tech, poorly executed

I got a new phone, cannot sync my codes onto new phone. Thank god I checked before I reset my old phone

Please update

I don’t know why but google u know everyone uses this

Terrible app, non-responsive developers

This is a really amateurish app. The toolbar disappears frequently, and the only way to get it back is to kill the app, and 4 out of the 5 sites Ive added have been added twice. While thats only cosmetic, it makes it that much harder to find the site Im looking for. That issue was reported on github in September of 2016 and still hasnt been fixed. It might be less of a problem if I could reorder the entries, and if I tap the pencil (after restarting the app to get the toolbar back), it looks like theyre meant to be reordered, but dragging what I assume are reorder handles just scrolls the list.

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