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Watch App

Good simple to use. No issue found so far, but any plan to introduce watch app in future.

One of the worst apps in the category

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know that there are better alternative apps (I didn’t know too util I lost all my tokens). This one is really bad, some examples: * No backups * No device sync * No desktop app * Bad androidish UI with no icons for services * No iPhone X support * No good integration with iOS

Good but..

The app is amazing but since I have both a phone and a tablet is there like a mode where I can sync the devices with the same codes because my tablet generates codes that don’t work but works for my phone. Thanks!

Needs TouchID Support

A lot of reviews seem to be centered on phone transfers. Not sure what everyone’s issue was, I personally didn’t have any issues, even after a phone wipe. Just make sure you’re logged into Google on another device or a Chrome session and you can add the new phone without issues. I think it’s more of people not understanding how 2FA works. If you don’t have another device logged in, make sure to turn off 2FA before switching phones(or add your mobile phone to 2FA as well as a failsafe). However this app needs to get some TouchID support for further protection. That’s my only gripe. If you were to happen to leave your phone unlocked, someone can just open the app and get the codes without having to type in a PIN or authenticate with TouchID. This is a security flaw. I’ve submitted this issue over a year ago and here we are still without this feature (they haven’t even updated this app in close to a year). Please add TouchID support, strengthen up the security to this very useful 2FA tool. Or at the very least a PIN prompt when you open the app.

Easy to use; UI bugs; no iPhone X support

I like Google Authenticator because the Google brand is trustworthy. There are a few UI bugs, the one that bothers me the most is, after scanning some QR code, the entry gets added twice, and after I remove one of them, the navigation bar disappears. It has not been updated for iPhone X yet, so there are large black areas below and above—quite ugly to look at :(

Worst Google product I’ve ever used

Hard to believe it’s even made by Google. The opening screen just says ‘scan barcode’ with no explanation of what the hell it’s talking about

No transfer options

Use Authy. Glad I still had previous phone. F.. google

Very disappointed

I just upgraded phones and none of my accounts transferred. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I had one account, but I have 8 accounts to transfer now. Thanks google.

No backup!

I got a new phone and while the app did migrate over my codes did not. Now I can’t verify myself. This is awful.

Snapchat bye

I forgot my account !

Locked out

My iPhone was bricked so I needed to switch phones. Google did not migrate my old codes to this new iPhone and now I cannot log into anything. Need help. Very stressed out.

Google does active harm by offering this app

The app is completely reset when transferring to a new device. This means that if you lose your phone, you are completely locked out of all accounts that are attached to it. Two-factor authentication is extremely important, but a poor implementation like this does active harm by locking people out of their accounts.

What an abysmal interface...

Its literally a simple list but somehow Google makes it visually confusing. Bold line in the middle vertically with two smaller detail lines above and below. What were they thinking.

Downloader Beware - No way to transfer between devices!

There is no way to transfer your authentication codes between devices.

Crap App for Saps

While always annoying, cumbersome, and requiring several tries to log in, this crap app no longer allows access at all.

Don’t Use!

I had the exact same problem after switching phones. It’s a nightmare trying to figure out how to get the simple code sent! Use at your own risk. It’s terrible.


Sometimes it works, most times it doesnt. Gets very frustrating.

Used to work well

Used to work great until 2 weeks ago, had to spend over 2 hours with tech support and it still doesnt work.

It’s great!

I use this app for Discord, it’s awesome! I definitely love this app.

Systems Engineer

Man, F Patrick.

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